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Cervezas Victoria launches its new campaign "The word's of an entire nation"

Cervezas Victoria launches its new campaign "The word's of an entire nation"

The official beer of the Spanish national football team launches a campaign starring Fernando Torres, which is able to collect the opinions of over 47 million people about "La Roja", thanks to AI

As a sign of support for the Spanish national football team on the eve of its next international appearance, which begins on November 23 against Costa Rica, Cervezas Victoria presents "The words of an entire nation". This campaign, starring the emblematic soccer player Fernando Torres, expresses what more than 47 million people feel for La Roja through an emotional speech created by AI.

Launching the spot has been an initiative by Cervezas Victoria, official sponsor of the national footbal team, in cooperation with Goya award-winning Film Director Santiago Zannou and the Jon Lavín creative agency. Tech development company The Lion has been tasked with analyzing opinions about the next world cup and the fans' feeings towards the national team, through the use of technology.

During the creation of the piece, over 840,000 opinions from real football fans were shared with the AI. This has contributed to the generation of an emotional speech, created thanks to the use of the third generation GPT3 (OpenAI) language model, based on deep learning that produces texts creatively by simulating human composition. The speech's profound emotion was contribued by Fernando Torres, who as a renown former member of the Spanish national football team, was the best choice for conveying the fans' feelings.

"With this spot, we at Cervezas Victoria demonstrate our commitment to La Roja and to the world of sport and its values, through an innovative campaign that we hope fills Spanish fans with unity and enthusiasm", said Jose Villalobos, Brand Manager at Cervezas Victoria. For his part, Zannou, as the creator of the campaign, has acknowledged that it has been "a true challenge to convey the speech generated by the AI using images" and added that "from the beginning, we wanted to be as sincere and authentic as possible".

The piece was presented at the Cervezas Victoria Brewery at an event hosted by sports journalist Fernando Ramos, with the participation of Jose Villaobos, Brand Manager at Cervezas Victoria, Santiago Zannou, creator of the campaign, and Jon Lavin, its creative director. It also included the participation of Fernando Torres, the star of the spot, who had some warm words for the attendees as part of a video, which highighted that "this campaign is a beautiful opportunity to tell the team we're all rooting for them". The spot will be broadcast on national television, digital media, and on Cervezas Victoria's social media.