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2020 Annual Report

At Damm we work to ensure that our activity has a positive impact on people, the environment, and society. These are the pillars of our strategy for sustainability and social responsibility. In our Annual Report we share the objectives and the progress the company has made in these strategic areas.

2020 Annual Report
2020 Report on the Activities of the Damm Foundation

  • People

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    We grow with our people

    Damm’s success can only be explained through the solid commitment and proven talent of our employees.


    Damm around the world

    We remain committed to growth, in order to maintain our position as a benchmark company associated with gastronomy, sport, culture and the Mediterranean lifestyle around the world.

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    We believe in training through Damm Academy, the company’s place for learning

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    We work to ensure equality and diversity

    Equal opportunities, diversity and non-discrimination are basic pillars of our culture and team management, which are also reflected in our codes of conduct and equality plans of our societies.

    We integrate people with different abilities

    We are committed to the integration of differently abled people within society and the labour market. To be able to achieve the effective integration of this group of people into the labour market, we work with professionals from the CARES Social Group (comprised of the CARES Foundation and CODEC), AFEMAC, AIDEMAR, and the specialist employment platforms developed by the Once Foundation and the Deixalles Foundation.

    We promote volunteering

    We encourage our employees and partners to participate in corporate volunteering and other social actions and initiatives. In 2020 we joined the Voluntare international volunteering network, and we also created a donation platform.

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  • Clients

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    We support our customers

    Meeting our customers’ needs and expectations is the fundamental driver of our activity and our efforts in innovation area.

    During the pandemic, and in addition to other actions to support the industry, we replaced more than 3.5 million litres of beer, free of charge, to coincide with the reopening of bars and restaurants.

    Bar Manager: proximity to our customers

    Bar Manager is our mobile app for serving the hospitality industry. It allows us to have a closer contact with the industry, enabling us to offer information of interest, training to help customers optimise the management of their businesses, digitalisation of services, and more.

    25,000 197,000

    Data as of 31/12/2020

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  • Environment

    damm circularity
    damm circularity

    Circularity: the foundation of our approach to work and production

    We are committed to a circular model based on the recovery of resources, the use of sustainable materials and renewable energy. Also, by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our production and distribution systems.

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    of our beer
    is reusable

    We are reducing the use of plastics

    Estrella Damm already uses 100% recyclable and biodegradable cardboard rings for its cans. This initiative is the first of its kind in the industry and has enabled us to reduce our use of plastic by 260 tonnes per year. We are applying it to all our beer brands.

    Additionally, we have replaced the decorative plastic wrapping that held our cans together with 100% biodegradable cardboard packaging.

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    We promote waste recovery

    We strive to minimise the generation of waste and maximise recycling and energy recovery.

    We have donated 200,000 litres of water-alcohol mixture from our alcohol removal process in order to aid the manufacture of 96% alcohol, and we have generated almost 670,000 kWh of electricity through the recovery of 3.5 million litres of surplus beer from bars and restaurants.

    We minimise our environmental footprint

    100% of the electricity we purchase at all our production and packaging facilities, as well as our Damm warehouses, is from a certified renewable source. Moreover, in the last 10 years we have achieved a 45% reduction in the amount of energy consumed per hectolitre of beer produced.

    Thanks to the action we have taken to reduce and mitigate our environmental footprint, over the last decade we have reduced our CO2 emissions by almost 60% and our water consumption by nearly 40% in all our production plants.

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    mobility damm report
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    We are advancing towards sustainable mobility

    To reduce our carbon footprint, we also promote sustainable mobility through actions designed to promote energy efficiency, the transformation of our fleet of vehicles, collaborative transportation, and training. It is a commitment that began with Alfil Logistics, and we are now extending it throughout our company.

    This commitment has resulted in Damm receiving its first “Lean & Green” star, and Alfil Logistics receiving its second.

    Moving towards a culture of sustainability in our campaigns

    Act III: Commitment, the promo for our “Mediterráneamente” campaign, continues the efforts of Act I: Soul and Act II: Lovers to raise awareness among society of the need to preserve our environment. Throughout a choreography, it communicates the idea that by working together towards a shared objective, we can protect our planet.

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    We share sustainability with our suppliers

    We are committed to sustainable agriculture, while guaranteeing that 100% of our ingredients are natural and locally sourced.

    We advise farmers on how to optimise the use of water for their crops, given that raw materials (especially barley) account for 96% of the water footprint of beer.

  • Society

    We are part of the society and we share its challenges and aspirations

    We promote a Mediterranean lifestyle as part of our commitment to society, while striving to reinforce the bond we have with our consumers and with the rest of it.

    We also promote sporting, social, and cultural initiatives through the Damm Foundation, and have consolidated the positioning of our factories as leading cultural spaces (e.g. the Estrella Damm Old Brewery, in Barcelona).

    damm foundation

    covid damm actions

    We are contributing to the fight against Covid-19

    We have worked extremely hard to help overcome the pandemic. Through the Damm Foundation, we have focused the actions carried out by Damm companies on supporting the most vulnerable groups and those who are on the front lines of the fight against Covid-19.

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    water bottles
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    essential staff
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    covid damm actions

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    damm woman team
    damm man team

    We foster sporting values

    Through the Damm Football Club and the Damm Padel Club we contribute to the training of hundreds of young sportspeople.

    The Damm Foundation has acquired three hectares of land in the Barcelona district of Sants-Montjuïc, in order to build our own sports complex that will enable us to continue promoting sport with a focus on education and training.

    We also support sporting activities through an extensive programme of collaboration and sponsorship. One such example is the World Padel Tour (WPT), the premier international professional circuit where the world’s best players compete.

    In October 2020, the WPT hosted the Estrella Damm Barcelona Master: the first major professional sporting event to take place in front of fans after the lockdown was lifted.

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    mercè damm
    mercè damm
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    We support culture

    Through the Damm Foundation we provide support to more than 30 cultural organisations, in order to forge closer links between culture and society.

    We sponsor cultural and artistic events that take place in the areas in which we have a presence.

    We promote gastronomy

    Through our collaborative and sponsorship activities we support Spanish and international initiatives in the field of gastronomy, along with events involving the world’s leading chefs.

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    Our factories

    Our facilities in El Prat de Llobregat, in addition to those of Estrella de Levante (Espinardo), Cervezas Victoria (Malaga) and the Estrella Damm Old Brewery, are open to everyone who wishes to learn about the process of making our beers. Moreover, the latter three facilities also host a variety of cultural, gastronomic, sporting and charitable events.

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