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Commitment and responsibility

As a company, we are committed to grow responsibly and sustainably, offering top-quality products and services to encourage responsible consumption and healthy habits for both our customers and our suppliers and employees, while also taking care of the environment and helping our environment and society. 

Strategic axes of Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Society

    We are inclusive

    Commitment to society

    We work for the labour inclusion of people with functional diversity and at risk of social exclusion. Alfil Logistics integrates in its Prat activity people from the Cares Foundation, a special employment center that works for the employability of people with functional diversity.

    Commitment to society

    Rodilla is committed to youth employment and the integration of people at risk of social exclusion. It collaborates in the initiatives promoted by the Foundation, the Spanish Red Cross, the San Martín de Porres Foundation, Barcelona Activa and the Madrid City Council.

    We show solidarity

    Commitment to society
    Commitment to society
    • 1
      • Many corporate volunteering activities such as 
      • The collection of toys for the Casal dels Infants
      • The programme “Come and give blood” organized by the Catalan blood and tissue bank
      • The “Big Food Collection” programme by the Catalan Food Bank
      • International support with Oxfam Intermón offering support to those affected by the earthquakes in Mexico
    • 2
      Damm collaborates with campaign “Tops for a new life” by the Seur Foundation to provide medical treatment and materials for underprivileged children 
    • 3
      Rodilla participated in the campaign “Solidarity Milkshake” by Juegaterapia creating two ice-cream recipes and donating all proceedings to the project  "El Jardín de mi Hospi".
    • 4
      Also, Damm facilities are lit-up in blue to mark World Autism Awareness Day, in red for World Aids Day and in pink to observe World Day Against Breast Cancer
    Commitment to society
    Commitment to society

    Acknowledgements of our social action

    2017 Corporate Award from the Madrid Red Cross for Grupo Rodilla for its extensive and constant task employing vulnerable groups
    Acknowledgement from the Provincial Council of Cuenca to Fuente Liviana for its collaboration with the popular races, MTB, duathlon and mountain races
  • Environment

    Local suppliers

    Our value chain has a direct impact on sustainability; this is why we share our best practices with our suppliers and engage them in the values, rules and requirements of the company.

    Our providers
    Our providers

    Driven by environmental management


    Shifting from the linear economy -produce, use and throw- to the circular economy -produce, use, regenerate / recycle- has been the logical process for Damm to preserve and maintain the value of products and materials as long as possible, creating a new relationship with customers and consumers,indispensable accomplices to apply the circular scheme. Since 1999, we obtained the first ISO 14001 certification to date.

    In 2018, Fuente Liviana, S.L. and Aguas de San Martín de Veri, S.A. have been adapted to the ISO 14001, 2015.

    All our beer, water and cold drinks production plants have gained ISO 14001 certification: Compañía Cervecera Damm, S.L., Estrella de Levante Fábrica de Cerveza, S.A., Aguas de San Martín de Veri, S.A., Fuente Liviana, S.L., Font Salem, S.L.

    Circular economy

    For the making of our beers we use barley transformed into malt along with rice and hops. From brewing of these elements comes a by-product, brewers grains, which has excellent nutritional properties for feeding cows thanks to its important protein content. Instead of discarding it, 100% of the more than 90,000 annual tonnes of brewers grains, are used entirely for feeding the cows to dozens of farms dedicated to the production of milk.
    La Fageda is one of these farms.

    We are energy-efficient

    We have renewable and energy efficient generation sources (cogeneration, trigeneration, solar-photovoltaic).

    At the El Prat factory, we have a new pasteurizer on line 12 of packaging, which represents an energy and water saving 75%. Taking advantage of these changes, mercury vapor discharge lamps have been replaced by LED luminaires, which means a reduction of 85% in electricity consumption. In addition, the new centrifugal air compressor installed supposes a reduction of the electric power consumption of 22% and the new speed variators in the impulse pumps of the secondary circuit of glycol of 50%.

    100% of the electricity consumed in the Prat factory comes from renewable energy sources and certified as green. To become 100% green energy, in 2009, 9,800 solar panels were installed.

    We optimize water consumption

    We are members of the Llobregat Delta User Community, an organization that encourages its members to implement new water saving and economisation mechanisms.

    • 1
      Moravia (malting factory) and Estrella de Levante have the calculation of their water footprint
    • 2
      In Damm we reuse about 10% of the water consumed in the factory
    • 3
      • Installation of the best available technology for the efficient use of water
      • 37% reduction of the water used in our breweries in the last decade
      • Installation of more than 300 meters in each water plant
      • Installation in all factories, the software for the calculation of the water footprint in 2018
  • People

    We want to be a nice place to work in


    We carry out work environment surveys among our collaborators to get their opinions and suggestions to help us improve. We carry out work environment surveys in order to find areas for improvement in the operation of Damm and in the satisfaction of the collaborators. This survey allowed them to explain their day by day work and express their opinion about it. 
    At the same time, we have set ourselves the goal of working to establish specific work plans to maintain a cultural cohesion throughout the group.

    75,2% of our collaborators feel proud to work at Damm.

    We respect and promote equality and diversity

    Equality between men and women is a reality in our company, and is made effective every day through developing the actions set out in the Damm Equality Plan, training equality agents and promoting awareness-raising activities.

    In 2017 Grupo Rodilla established a negotiating table to renew its Equality Plan, and the initial diagnosis was 73% of women and 70% of youths.

    Estrella de Levante implements its Equality Plan.

    73% Women at the company
    70% Youths at the company

    Start of the Healthy and "Engagement" Damm plan

    Let’s Damm Together: We engage our collaborators in our digitalization programme

    Our process of Digital Transformation also involves people, who have been sought to involve through the events Let's Damm Together, an event that is held every month at the Old Estrella Damm Brewery where all collaborators are invited to be there physically or via streaming through the iDamm (corporate intranet).In short, a space to share ideas and proposals on the progress towards a transversal digital culture.

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Download our annual report and find out about the CSR actions in place, as well as all of the details linked to our activity.

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