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2019 Annual Report

Damm works to ensure that our activity has a positive impact on people, the environment and society. These are the pillars of our sustainability and social responsibility strategy. Our Annual Report shares the company’s objectives and progress in these three strategic areas.

2019 Annual Report
Commitment to the Global Compact

  • Society

    Our social commitment

    social commitment

    Our social commitment is embodied in these lines of action:

    Promoting a Mediterranean lifestyle

    Consolidation of the Estrella Damm Old Brewery as a leading cultural venue in Barcelona

    Strengthening the link with society and consumers through sponsorship and partnerships

    Promotion of sports, social and cultural initiatives through the Damm Foundation

    Supporting culture, gastronomy and sport

    • 1
      • We have supported dozens of music festivals in 2019. Some of the highlights:
      • Sant Jordi Musical and Estrella Damm concerts of the La Mercè festivities
      • 10th Cruïlla Festival
      • WARM UP Estrella Levante
    • 2
      We took the Estrella Damm Gastronomy Congress to Moscow, Melbourne and Lisbon [+]
    • 3
      The Estrella Damm Old Brewery hosted the first Food Meets Science symposium [+]
    • 4
      Damm Football Club Youth Women's team closes an extraordinary season winning the Catalan League and Championship [+]

    The Estrella Damm Old Brewery, a leading cultural venue

    fábrica damm
    The Estrella Damm Old Brewery hosts concerts and music festivals throughout the year, as well as gastronomic, sports and charity events. 2019:

  • Environment

    Our commitment to the environment

    Our environmental policy is based on the following principles:

    Promoting sustainability in all the company’s activities

    Encouraging the use of local resources.

    Minimizing environmental impact and preventing pollution throughout the life cycle of products and services.

    Promoting actions aimed at reducing, reusing and recycling.

    Supporting the acquisition of energy efficient goods and products.

    Learn more!
    environmental policy
    Learn more!

    We calculate and reduce our water and carbon footprints


    We have reduced our water consumption by more than 40% in the last 10 years

    We promote advisory programs for our suppliers to reduce the water footprint of barley crops

    We have reduced our CO2 emissions by more than 2,600 tonnes per year

    Pall-Ex Iberia and SA Damm have joined AECOC’s Lean & Green initiative

    We are working with Blipvert to develop and install can compactors on beaches


    Committed to the circular economy

    We developed a test with Estrella Damm in 2019, resulting in the first plastic-free ring packs in supermarkets. The new can packaging format is 100 % biodegradable, manufactured with natural fibres from sustainably and responsibly managed trees.

    Reuse and recycling of packaging  

    circular economy


    We take care of biodiversity and the natural environment

    Act I: Soul
    Estrella Damm launched the first part of its new campaign “Mediterráneamente” in 2019, aiming to raise awareness of protecting the Mediterranean Sea.

    Act II: Lovers
    The second part of the campaign has given visibility to different projects that aim to protect the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean, as well as to alleviate the effects of pollution, overfishing and maritime traffic in this marine ecosystem: 

    Posidonia Maps, a mobile app that shows boats if they are over a posidonia meadow so they can avoid dropping anchor on it

    Save The Med, a project for the conservation of marine ecosystems and habitats through research, education and collaboration by citizens

    Ghost Fishing Costa Brava, an initiative to carry out group expeditions to remove abandoned fishing nets from the bottom of the sea

    Asociación Tursiops, an entity dedicated to the conservation and protection of cetaceans, with a special focus on the western Mediterranean

    Wildlife Sense, organization for the study and conservation of marine turtles based on the island of Kefalonia, Greece

    We are committed to renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility

    We work to be energy efficient, reducing consumption and generating energy from renewable sources. We are also committed to sustainable mobility through the use of more efficient and clean transport systems.

    solar panel
    • 1
      100% of the electricity contracted for our plants has renewable origin certification [+]
    • 2
      Estrella de Levante opened a solar plant for self-consumption and Estrella Damm started up the second phase of the installation of photovoltaic panels in its factory in 2019 [+]
    • 3
      • We are committed to less-polluting transport and we optimise journeys to reduce the impact of our mobility. Some initiatives in 2019:
      • The Beer Drive electric truck is consolidated as the system for distributing our beers
      • We have replaced more than 30 trucks and vans from Damm Distribución Integral’s fleet with less-polluting vehicles
      • We constantly optimise Alfil Logistics’ transport routes to make the most of the truck’s volume
  • People

    Committed to people


    People are a fundamental pillar of Damm’s development, and our commitment to our collaborators, an essential strategic aim.

    We promote inclusion
    We promote equality
    We are committed to initiatives that promote well-being
    We encourage professional growth

    4.899 people in total (including SA Damm and subsidiaries)
    81% of full-time staff

    Damm in the world

    Damm has a staff of thousands of collaborators spread throughout 10 countries.

    people map

    We believe in equality, diversity and a work-life balance

    We promote training

    Damm Academy, the online training platform for the company’s people, was consolidated and training has been extended. 

    training sessions Damm Academy

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