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2021 Annual Report

Damm works to ensure that our activity has a positive impact on people, the environment and society. These are the cornerstones of our approach to sustainability and social responsibility. In our Annual Report we share the company's goals and progress regarding these fundamental drivers of our sustainable development.

2021 Annual Report
2021 Report on the Activities of the Damm Foundation

  • People

    We grow with our people

    Damm's success can only be explained through the firm commitment and talent of our people.

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    From the Mediterranean to the whole world

    We continue our commitment to growth, investing in our people, our brands and our factories, and exporting Mediterranean lifestyle to all five continents.    

    In 2021, we increased our stake in Grupo Cacaolat to 100%, and expanded the El Prat de Llobregat brewery, increasing production capacity by 45%.

    We believe in training

    We remain committed to professional development and talent through the Damm Academy, our customised online training platform.  

    In 2021, we launched the first edition of LAB1876, an internal entrepreneurship programme to generate innovative solutions to the company's strategic challenges.

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    We strive for equality and diversity

    We strive to support inclusion and work-life balance, as established cornerstones of our equality plans and the codes of conduct of our companies.    

    SA Damm and Estrella de Levante hold Family-Friendly Company certification, recognising our efforts to facilitate well-being and a balance between professional, family and personal life.

    We integrate differently abled people

    We are committed to the social and occupational integration of differently abled people.   

    In 2021, Grupo Rodilla received an Innovation Award for its social economy initiative, providing jobs for people with functional diversity.

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    We promote volunteering

    We encourage our people and their friends and relatives to get involved in. With the company's new volunteering scheme, #LIVE TO BE PART OF THE CHANGE, we impact on areas such as social action, environmental action, action to make culture more accessible and to popularise sporting values and pursuits.

  • Clients

    We innovate for our customers

    Fulfilling the needs and expectations of our customers is the essential driver behind what we do. We support the hospitality sector in processes of digital transformation, help them access the circular economy and reach out to them with innovations.  

    In 2020, we launched Move & Flow, a self-service app allowing consumers to enjoy the experience of serving their own beers.

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    At our customers' side

    Bar Manager is one of our major ventures for digital transformation: a mobile service app for the hospitality trade, which has become a channel for direct communication with the sector.  

    We expanded this in 2021 to offer customised content tailored to the needs and interests of each customer.

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    Figures at end of 2021

    A second life for furniture

    Firmly committed to the circular economy and our customers, in Murcia we have launched the "Segunda Vida" project to extend the useful life of furniture and advertising materials from bars and restaurants, while also supporting new businesses.

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    We support our cuisine

    In the Estrella Damm Chefs campaign we partner 42 renowned chefs representing the sector's ongoing commitment to the highest levels of quality, local products and innovation, ingredients that have given Spain the most recognised cuisine around the world.

  • Environment

    Circularity and efficiency, the foundations of our production methodology

    We are committed to a model based on recovering resources and using more sustainable materials and strive to maximise the efficiency of systems for production, distribution and reuse of the waste generated, including as a source of green energy.

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    We reduce the use of plastics

    Following the path that started with the elimination of plastic can rings, in 2021 we replaced all plastic packaging used for Estrella Damm can packs with sustainably sourced cardboard. Grupo Cacaolat has also brought in paper straws, 100% recycled shrink-wrap and 50% recycled PET for its containers. This means a reduction of 360 tonnes of plastic every year.

    We minimise our environmental footprint

    The El Prat de Llobregat and Estrella de Levante breweries are in the EsAgua Platinum category for the responsible management of water in all operations.

    We have 26,532 m2 of photovoltaic panels in place, and 100% of the electrical energy purchased at all our production, packaging and storage sites is of renewable origin.

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    We follow the highest environmental standards

    We have become the first drinks company in the world to receive ASI certification, guaranteeing the highest environmental, social and ethical standards throughout the life cycle of the aluminium used in our cans.

    We have also been awarded AENOR Zero Waste certification, in recognition of companies that reuse more than 90% of their waste, preventing it from ending up in the landfill.

    We foster a culture of sustainability

    Let’s try together, the new ad in the "Mediterráneamente" campaign, once again invites us to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle, without overlooking the goal of raising social awareness of to the need to protect the Mediterranean sea.

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    We protect biodiversity

    The conservation of biodiversity forms part of our sustainability strategy. Wherever we have fields of crops and production plants, we are implementing measures to protect species, habitats and ecosystems.

    We are also involved in local initiatives to protect endangered species, such as the midwife toad in Mallorca, a small amphibian in danger of extinction, and the loggerhead sea turtle in El Prat de Llobregat.

    We share sustainability with our supplier companies

    Our commitment to sustainable development also involves our entire supply chain. Therefore, we have defined a new barley purchasing strategy for the next five harvests, focused on achieving greater sustainability and digital transformation, while also supporting local supply.

    In 2021, Estrella de Levante harvested its first crop of zero-mileage hops in Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia.

  • Society

    presentation of the Estrella de Levante foundation

    Our foundations: the ultimate expression of our social commitment

    The Estrella de Levante Foundation was set up in 2021, with the aim of establishing itself as a key social agent in Eastern Spain. Its mission is to promote and support projects to preserve the environment, promote traditional culture and social action for the benefit of groups at risk of exclusion.

    We recently also marked the 20th anniversary of the Damm Foundation, an organisation that has become a leading player in the sports, cultural and social fields.

    We encourage sporting values

    Our Damm Foundation promotes sporting pursuits and values through our football and padel clubs, helping to train hundreds of young athletes.

    Sporting values are also at the heart of our sponsorship programmes, in particular Cervezas Victoria's role as the official beer of the Spanish men's and women's national football teams.

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    We support culture

    Culture is a vital element of togetherness, growth and social cohesion, which is why our foundations and cultural sponsorships work with different associations and organisations to extend culture to everyone.

    We promote cuisine

    Our partnerships and sponsorships support national and international culinary initiatives, bringing people together in the enjoyment of fine food and exporting Mediterranean cuisine all round the world.

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    Our breweries, our home

    The breweries at El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona), Estrella de Levante (Espinardo), Cervezas Victoria (Malaga) and the Estrella Damm Old Brewery (Barcelona) are open for events, and for anyone wishing to find out about how we brew our beers.

    As a new development in 2021, we opened the Damm Historical Archive to outside visitors for the first time.

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