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2022 Annual Report

At Damm, we carry out our activities in our own style, which connects with people and our surroundings and commits to the care of the environment. Sustainability is an essential element for the company, as our Annual Report, which collects our achievements in pursuing a positive impact, shows.

2022 Annual Report
2022 Report on the Activities of the Damm Foundation

  • People

    We grow with people

    The commitment and talent of the people who work at Damm are the foundation on which our success is built. That is why ensuring their wellbeing and offering quality employment is a priority for the company.

    5.577 90 %
    people on permanent


    people entering the factory
    people chatting in front of the factory
    workers in front of the factory

    new factory in the UK
    world map
    aerial view of the factory

    Our culture reaches the whole world

    Through our activity, we continue to work to showcase and disseminate our Mediterranean culture on all five continents.  

    In 2022 we reinforced our presence in foreign markets through the purchase of Eagle Brewery, Damm’s new plant in the United Kingdom, the first outside the Iberian Peninsula.

    We foster our talent

    We support our collaborators’ continuous improvement to encourage their professional and personal development, by means of training courses both online and in person. In 2022, the Damm Academy, our training platform, considerably increased the number of courses it offers.  

    LAB1876, our internal entrepreneurship programme, celebrated its second edition, addressing five strategic challenges linked to sustainability, growth and efficiency.

    10.202 42.374
    participants hours of
    talent training
    exercise training

    We promote equality and diversity

    The culture of and respect for equality and diversity are essential for Damm. By developing and implementing our companies' equality plans, we guarantee equal opportunities without any type of discrimination. In addition, each of our companies has a specific anti-harassment protocol.  

    Estrella de Levante was the first company in the agri-food sector from the Murcia Region to obtain the Family-Responsible Enterprise (efr) certification thanks to its commitment to the work-life balance of the more than 190 people who work at the company.

    We integrate differently able people

    We promote the recruitment of differently abled people and those at risk of social exclusion as part of our commitment to the integration of all people into the workforce. 

    All our companies advocate for socially responsible recruitment through the collaboration with several organisations and associations.

    men working with bottles

    litter pickup activity
    father and son planting a tree
    kid picking up litter

    We encourage corporate volunteering

    Our volunteering plan #LIVE TO BE PART OF THE CHANGE has completed its first year and has won a award, cementing its success throughout the company.  

    25 +1.000
    organisations volunteers
  • Clients

    Boosting digitisation

    Year after year, we accompany our customers in their digitisation process by promoting the development of new projects and the advancement of existing solutions. This process is key for the improvement of competitivity and the efficiency of the hospitality industry.

    This year, the second edition of the Horeca Challenge took place. This initiative bolsters technological transformation in the hospitality industry, focusing on innovation as a lever for the transformation of bars and restaurants.

    digitisation training

    bar manager damm report

    Bar Manager, at our customers' side

    Thanks to our application Bar Manager, we have direct communication and dialogue with our clients, helping them manage their businesses day to day.  

    Bar Manager received a bronze Impacte award in 2022 in the Technology category from the Col·legi del Màrqueting i la Comunicació de Catalunya.

    Move & Flow continues to grow

    Launched in 2021, this self-service beer app enables consumers to activate a tap from their phone, allowing consumers to enjoy the experience of pouring their own beers. 

    +50.000 +15.000
    move & flow activity

    robotic arm serving beer

    We innovate at great events

    At the HIP Horeca Professional Expo and at MWC Barcelona (Mobile World Congress Barcelona) we presented an innovative robot arm that serves beer, designed to work alongside waiters at large events such as festivals and congresses.

  • Environment

    We integrate circularity and efficiency into our production methodology

    At Damm, we prioritise rolling out measures that allow us to use more sustainable materials, to produce and consume green energy and to improve efficiency in all our processes and activities.

    100 % +50 %
    of Damm
    of containers


    We have installed over 400 can crushers on the coast to recycle aluminium

    glass bottles
    can crushing machine

    six pack cardboard rings
    factory aerial view

    We reduce and re-use materials

    We integrate eco-design and circularity to our containers to reduce the amount of raw and other materials we use. In 2022, Damm’s sustainable packaging won the WorldStar Global Packaging Award 2022 in the drinks category.

    We also work to increase the recovery of the waste we generate. In 2022, six Damm companies had a Zero Waste AENOR certification, which attests that they recover over 90% of their waste.

    We minimise our water footprint

    Since 2021, the El Prat de Llobregat and Murcia breweries have held the EsAgua Platinum insignia, in recognition of the efforts made by these companies to make responsible use of water.

    tractor in water field

    solar panels in the factory's roof

    We fight against Climate change

    In 2022 we achieved two goals that reinforce our commitment to halt climate change: we received the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability award 2022, given by the Association of Energy Efficiency Companies (A3E), and we have now joined the RE100 initiative, directed by Climate Group and associated with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

    We have invested 3.6 million euro to expand our capacity to generate our own energy. Damm currently generates 60% of the electricity it uses, and it is the Spanish brewer with the largest surface of solar panels in the Iberian Peninsula.

    We protect biodiversity

    We carry out actions in favour of biodiversity and we promote alliances for its protection in the areas where we operate. Some examples include projects to protect the Spanish toothcarp, a threatened fish endemic to the Mediterranean, the loggerhead sea turtle, or the Majorcan midwife toad.

    In addition, we started a project to re-naturalise the area around the Estrella Damm Old Brewery as part of the volunteering programme #LIVE TO BE PART OF THE CHANGE and in collaboration with the Association Galanthus.

    green balcony
    marine biodiveristy
    ferreret Mallorca

    hands with barley

    We advance towards sustainability hand in hand with our suppliers

    Collaboration with supplier companies in our value chain is fundamental in achieving the sustainability of our firm. We prioritise the acquisition of local resources in order to promote the economic and social development of the regions where we operate, and to reduce the environmental impact of transport.

    As part of our barley purchase strategy, we aim to ensure that at least 80% comes from fields located within 200 km of the production site, with the distance limited to 400 km for the remaining 20%.

    We share sustainability with our supplier companies

    Our commitment to sustainable development also involves our entire supply chain. Therefore, we have defined a new barley purchasing strategy for the next five harvests, focused on achieving greater sustainability and digital transformation, while also supporting local supply.

    In 2021, Estrella de Levante harvested its first crop of zero-mileage hops in Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia.

  • Society

    We contribute to the development of society through our foundations

    Our foundations engage with society and support all sort of cultural, sporting, social and environmental projects.

    Thus, the Damm Foundation, whose history spans over two decades, has received the IMPULSA CULTURA (SIC) distinction, awarded by the Catalunya Cultura Foundation. Meanwhile, the Estrella de Levante Foundation has increased the number of its projects in its second year, among which the Life Cerceta project stands out.

    filmoteca de Catalunya

    We promote sport among young people

    In 2022 we started construction on the Damm Foundation’s new sports complex, which will encompass over 30,000 square metres on Montjuïc mountain. Its goal is to continue the promotion of sport and sportsmanship by training young sportspeople.

    These sporting values are also present in our sponsorship, such as the Victoria a Victoria campaign to give visibility to women’s football, carried out by Cervezas Victoria, which sponsors the Spain men’s and women’s national football teams.

    We support culture

    Through our foundations and our sponsorship, we support several activities and events to bring culture in all its formats closer to everyone.

    Through our sponsorship and the organisation of events at our breweries, we are present at hundreds of culture events, which allow us to preserve local festivities and consolidate and nurture music events.

    Estrella Damm, as sponsor of Sónar Barcelona, brought back the initial concert for the 2022 edition, starring Nathy Peluso.

    traditional dance
    festival cruïlla
    van van concert
    Nathy Peluso Sònar 2022

    chef talking
    two chefs
    gastronomic event

    We promote cuisine

    Through our collaborations and sponsorships, we promote and export Mediterranean cuisine around the world. In 2022 we collaborated in the second edition of Gastrodona, which showcased the role of women in gastronomy. We also organised the Estrella Damm Gastronomy Congress in London, bringing together the best chefs in the world.

    Visits and activities at our breweries

    Our most emblematic buildings, the Estrella Damm Old Brewery (Barcelona), the Estrella de Levante brewery (Espinardo), the Cervezas Victoria brewery (Malaga) and the Cacaolat factory (Santa Coloma de Gramanet), have become leading venues in their local areas, staging a host of events.

    30.714 130.000
    visitors   attendees at the events held


    In 2022, guided tours of the Estrella Damm Old Brewery and its historical archive continued to expand and successfully attract visitors.

    man and woman in the factory
    talk in an event
    Estrella de Levante factory
    concert in the factory
    victoria factory
    event in the factory
    Cacaolat Factory