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Damm and Alfil Logistics launch their first duotrailer in their bid to reduce the carbon footprint

Damm and Alfil Logistics launch their first duotrailer in their bid to reduce the carbon footprint

The new vehicle will allow for a reduction of 25% in CO2 emissions on every delivery route

Damm, a leading company in the food and beverage sector, with a presence in the logistics, distribution and catering sectors, launches the first duotrailer of their transport fleet, aimed at reducing their carbon footprint and optimizing their routes and loads. The new vehicle, managed by logistical operator Alfil Logistics, is comprised of two semi-trailers that add up to a combined 33.74 meters in length and have the capacity to transport up to 48 tons of merchandise.

Launching this new duotrailer has allowed the company to take a step further in their sustainability strategy by reducing their carbon footprint 25% along every route. Damm is betting on finding more eco-friendly transport options, in order to avoid releasing 105 tons of CO2 every year, which is the equivalent of more than 40 pine trees per year. "At Damm we continue to bet on sustainability as one of our key growth factors. Working with Alfil Logistics to launch our first routes with a duotrailer vehicle will allow us to strengthen our supply chain while at the same time, working to reduce our emissions", said Rafael Siles, Supply Chain Director at Damm.

The new duotrailer covers the route between the logistical platform in the Logistical Activities Zone of the Port of Barcelona (ZAL Prat) and the Southeast Logistical Center of Murcia, twice per day, covering a total of 1,174 kilometres. Cooperation between both companies is aimed at optimizing transport routes and taking full advantage of trailer load capacities, in order to increase efficiency and achieve a more sustainable business model. "At Alfil Logistics we work every day to make our operations as sustainable as possible. The duotrailer used to run our routes for Damm is a high-capacity vehicle that will provide greater efficiency by doubling the volume of merchandise that can be transported on a single haul", said Jaume Bonavia, CEO of Alfil Logistics.

In line with their commitment to caring for the environment, Damm and Alfil Logistics continue to work to increase the number of duotrailers that link up their routes and allow them to grow in a sustainable manner.