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The Damm Foundation begins work on its sports city

The Damm Foundation begins work on its sports city

Vicente del Bosque has checked on the progress of the work carried out for the future facilities, which will have a surface area of 30,000 m2

The Damm Foundation, an entity that supports Damm's multiple sponsorship and philantrophic activities, has launched the work for the construction of what will be its future sports city. Said facilities, which will occupy a surface area of 30,000 m2 on the mountain of Montjuïc (Barcelona), will take full advantage of the space's potential, incorporating the natural environment as an added value to the sports complex.

The work began with ground movement, which will allow for the levelling of the terrain and to prepare the installation of the two planned football fields. The rehabilitation for the main building, along with the outfitting of the enclosure's access points, will take place in tandem. It is estimated that the work will go on for 14 months, meaning the new facilities will be ready for use in early 2024. Although the main user will be the CF, it will not be the only one. The Damm Foundation will make the facilities available to Damm employees, as well as their families, within the framework of the company's commitment to all its peoples' health.

Vicente del Bosque visits the Sports City worksite

Vicente del Bosque, head coach of Spain's world cup championship team from South Africa 2010, and the European championship team from Kiev 2012, not to mention two-time Champion's league champion head coach with Real Madrid, visited the work site and has seen first-hand the progress so far. During his visit, he was accompanied by Ramon Agenjo, Vice-president of the Damm Foundation and President of the CF Damm, as well as Carles Domènech, Executive Director of the CF Damm, along with Jordi Pagès and Bernat Ardèvol, from the Barcelona architecture studios Max de Cusa and Hiha Studio respectively, who are in charge of the project.

Ramon Agenjo, Vicente del Bosque i Carles Domènech

Vicente del Bosque, Ramon Agenjo and Carles Domènech listening to the explanation by the architects in charge of the project, on the site where the future Damm Foundation Sports City will be located

Regarding the land, Del Bosque was interested in the progress of the work related to the construction of the Sports City, in addition to the building of the CF Damm; a project he is intimately familiar with after being the guest of honour at the organization's 2017/18 end of season dinner. "This project is very dear to me. I think about how excited the entire Club must be to see a sports city that will be second to none and am anxious to see it once it's completed. I'm certain it will be point of pride for all Damm players", Del Bosque said during his visit.