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Demetrio Carceller Arce sends a message of support to the Damm workforce

Demetrio Carceller Arce sends a message of support to the Damm workforce

The Executive Chairman expresses encouragement, calm and gratitude to all the company’s employees

In these unprecedented circumstances, Demetrio Carceller Arce, Executive Chairman of Damm, has sent a message of support to all the company’s personnel, to show that he is with them at this difficult time, to give them his thanks for the effort they are making and to reaffirm his personal commitment to the entire team involved in Damm’s daily business.
In his message, Carceller Arce gave his support and encouragement to all those who have been directly affected by the coronavirus, either themselves or their loved ones.

Damm’s Executive Chairman made special mention of all those who continue to go to work during the state of emergency and of their “dedication and the sacrifices they are making to ensure that the company’s products and services continue to reach its customers every day”. He also acknowledged the “great capacity to adapt to new circumstances” of those employees who are working from home and of those who are working around the world who are also affected by the crisis.

Carceller Arce emphasised that “during Damm's 144-year history the company has shown an enormous ability to overcome difficult situations; situations which, in the end, have made it even stronger”. However, he added that “never before has Damm had to face a public health crisis like this one”. He stressed that “the company’s main priority has been to protect the health and safety of all Damm’s employees and of its customers, suppliers and families”.

The Executive Chairman talked about the impact that the crisis is having on the company, largely because the whole hospitality sector has been shut down for several weeks. He shared with the whole workforce a message of confidence and calm and his firm belief that the commitment, professionalism, understanding and effort of all of Damm’s employees are the key to getting through this situation and to coming out of it even stronger.

Finally, Carceller Arce expressed his pride and gratitude for initiatives like those of the Damm Foundation, which, in coordination with government and health authorities, has contributed to helping to meet the most urgent needs, such as supplying bottled water to hospitals, health centres and social organisations in more than 12 provinces in Spain.