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Estrella de Levante, official sponsor of Carthaginians and Romans during the next seven years

Estrella de Levante, official sponsor of Carthaginians and Romans during the next seven years

The brewery agreed to a sponsorship aimed at improving the cultural and leisure offering in the port city with the Carthaginian and Roman Troops and Legions Federation

Estrella de Levante and the Carthaginians and Romans have agreed to a sponsorship for the next seven years, with the common goal of continuing to improve the festivities with a cultural and leisure offering that attracts more visitors. The signing of the agreement took place in the Roman Theater of Carthage, during an event presided over by the city's Mayor, Noelia Arroyo, and which included the participation of the CEO of Estrella de Levante, Pedro Marín, and the President of the Carthaginian and Roman Troops and Legions Federation, José Antonio Meca.

The agreement includes a concert, in addition to the boosting of all the troops and legions with assistance during the weeks of festivities, and the acquisition of a new felucca, among other novelties. During his intervention, Pedro Marín highlighted how, "as the troops' and legions' motto says, only he who loves his history is capable of sharing it, and at Estrella de Levante we love to share and we love history, which is why this collaboration will be a further example of treamwork and improvement.”

Marín has explained that during the last few years, Estrella de Levante has actively cooperated with the main sporting, gastronomic, cultural, and leisure stakeholders in the city, such as La Mar de Músicas, the Jazz Festival, the Cartagena FC, the Cartagena Carnival, Hostecar, Puerto de Sabores, Nagoga, Rutas de la Tapa, La Ruta de las Fortalezas, among others.

The CEO of Estrella de Levante has highlighted the "excellent organization by the Board of Directors of the Federation, its willingness and capacity for negotiating, always bearing in mind the needs and objectives of Estrella de Levante, something that should be acknowledged gratefully, and which has been a determining factor when it comes to achieving the goal." Marín also wished to highlight "the future of Cartagena, with a leisure offering that is unique throughout the Levante area, which will attract more tourists than ever", and has thanked the Mayor's willingness to help, as well as that of the President of the Port Authority, Yolanda Muñoz.