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New campaign for Malquerida, Damm's fresh red beer

New campaign for Malquerida, Damm's fresh red beer

Powerful, tasty, intense and passionate are some of the adjectives used to describe the beer

Malquerida, Damm's fresh red beer, launches a new campaign that reaffirms its more passionate character. Powerful, flavoursome, intense and passionate are some of the adjectives that evoke the essence of the beer, in line with its characteristic red colour, which is provided by the hibiscus flower. The orange and the herbaceous touch from the hops complete the original Malquerida recipe and give it a freshness that makes it an ideal accompaniment to Latin cuisine.

The campaign was launched Monday 23 May and will be active for the next three weeks through the brand's social networks and digital media in Catalonia and the Community of Madrid.

Malquerida, the first red beer
In 2017 Damm's master brewers, Ferran Adrià, Albert Adrià, and their team, presented Malquerida, the first red beer intended to accompany dishes inspired by Latin American cuisine and its spicy, tart, intense and fruity flavours. Prepared with Roselle, orange, wheat, barley malt and corn, it's perfect for tastings, with the power and complexity of dishes from a now world-renowned gastronomy.

Tasting notes

Its pale reddish colour is striking due to the hibiscus (hibiscus flower) touch. Its foam is ivory-white and compact. Intense aroma, malty notes, orange peel citrus aroma and a hint of grassy hops give this beer a fresh feel. On the palate, the well-integrated carbon dioxide, as well as the mineral character provided by the hibiscus, help to enhance this sensation of freshness. Long and pleasant aftertaste, delicate, bitter sensation, full of citrus hints. The ideal temperature to consume this beer is between 4⁰ and 6⁰ C.

  • Ingredients: water, barley malt, maize, wheat, hops, hibiscus flower and orange.
  • Alcohol content: 5% vol.
  • Primitive dry extract: 11.9⁰P
  • Bitterness: IBU 19
  • Type of beer: red fresh