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The Old Brewery will once again vibrate to the rhythm of Estrella Damm's Sant Jordi Musical

The Old Brewery will once again vibrate to the rhythm of Estrella Damm's Sant Jordi Musical

Figa Flawas, La Fúmiga, Els Amics de les Arts, Scorpio, Lildami and Triquell are just some of the artists who will be making the audience dance from 12 to 21 next Tuesday 23 April

Sant Jordi is approaching and, as has become a tradition in the city of Barcelona, a new annual Estrella Damm Sant Jordi Musical is coming. On 23 April, the Estrella Damm Old Brewery will once again open its doors to celebrate the festival with the best musical performances on the Catalan artistic scene. It will be accompanied by a varied gastronomic offer and a market of books, vinyl, roses and other Sant Jordi-themed items, the latter with a charitable purpose.

The Sant Jordi Musical will be an unbeatable occasion to enjoy live the most recent works of Figa Flawas, who recently presented La Calçotada, La Fúmiga, who will perform some of the hits from their latest album Tot està per fer and Els Amics de les Arts, who just released Les paraules que triem no dir a month ago. Scorpio, Lildami and Triquell will also be some of the twenty-two artists who, from midday to nine p.m., will perform on the different stages at number 515 Calle Rosselló in Barcelona.

A day of live performances that will be complemented by record signings both by artists and bands that will perform and others who will come expressly to sign their work. These include La Pegatina, 31 FAM, Blaumut, Meritxell Neddermann and Flashy Ice Cream, among many others.

As has become a tradition at the Estrella Damm Sant Jordi Musical, gastronomy will play a very important role. Once again, this year, visitors to the old industrial site will be able to enjoy a wide variety of gastronomic proposals, with vegan and gluten-free options from local food trucks, including milanesas from Chalito, burgers from Fileteando, crêpes and Breton galettes from María Una Crep, frankfurts and bratwursts from Onze Frankfurts, tacos and quesadillas from Salsa, and fresh battered hake with smoked tempura and potatoes from The Fish&Chips Shop.

What would Sant Jordi's Day be without books? These can be purchased at The Store Team market, which will also bring to the Old Brewery a wide selection of second-hand vinyl and CDs, as well as the official merchandising of the bands that will be performing.

A Sant Jordi in solidarity

The Estrella Damm Old Brewery will also have a charity stall where you can buy roses (both natural and handmade) as well as other Sant Jordi-themed gifts made by social organisations such as the Associació Diversitat Funcional d'Osona (ADFO), the Associació SaóPrat, the Centre Especial de Treball Apunts, the Red Cross, the Fundació Amics de la Gent Gran, the Fundació Finestrelles, the Fundació Portolà, the Fundació Roure, the Fundació Vicente Ferrer and the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona. New this year and in collaboration with the Associació SaóPrat, there will also be a tote bag workshop, where anyone who wishes to do so can personalise a cloth bag.

The proceeds from the solidarity market will go to the Red Cross Extreme Vulnerability Programme, which responds to people who request urgent help to cover their basic needs, either because of their situation of vulnerability or because of a social emergency.

Damm has also organised a collection of books among the company's collaborators as part of the Recicla Cultura campaign, the proceeds from the sale of which will be donated to the Fundació Servei Solidari's educational programmes.​​​​​​​

Estrella Damm will also bring Sant Jordi to Catalan supermarkets.

This year, Estrella Damm has set out to celebrate Sant Jordi's Day throughout Catalonia with "Viu Sant Jordi amb Estrella Damm", its latest campaign in more than 1,000 supermarkets and department stores throughout the country. Until 23 April, and for the purchase of 24 bottles or cans of Estrella Damm in the establishments participating in the promotion, you will receive a Sant Jordi bag designed exclusively for the occasion.

In addition, from 18 to 23 April, and for the purchase of 24 bottles or cans of Estrella Damm, a Sant Jordi rose will also be given away. What about the people who bought Estrella Damm before 18? Will they be left without a rose? Don't worry because Estrella Damm will exchange everyone's receipts for a rose on 23 April at the Estrella Damm Old Brewery in Barcelona.

Admission to the Estrella Damm Sant Jordi Musical is free. Given the fact that it is a closed venue, access with be limited until capacity is reached.

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Estrella Damm and culture

Estrella Damm and culture form an inseparable bond. For more than 30 years, the brand has supported music festivals, local celebrations, theatres, and concert halls, as well as film- and art-related organisations and initiatives throughout the country. Estrella Damm's commitment to Barcelona's La Mercè festival, to the world of castells (human towers) and gegants (procession giants) and, of course, to Sant Jordi is well known. The Estrella Damm Old Brewery, the old industrial site where beer was brewed for more than 85 years, has become a key point in the cultural and social life of Barcelona, holding Estrella Damm's collaborative cultural, social, sporting and gastronomic events.

Tuesday 23 April, from 11:30 to 21:00
Estrella Damm Old Brewery (Rosselló 515, 08025 Barcelona)



Muelle de envasado
12:00 h   Triquell
13:00 h   Els Amics de les Arts
14:00 h   Figa Flawas
15:00 h   Riders Of The Canyon
17:00 h   Lildami
18:00 h   La Fúmiga
19:00 h   Flashy Ice Cream
20:00 h   Les Que Faltaband
Sala de Máquinas
12:30 h   Mama Dousha
13:30 h   Ariox
14:30 h   Scorpio
16:30 h   Xarim Aresté
17:30 h   Blaumut
18:30 h   Km. 0
19:30 h   Dani6ix y IZZKID

Sala de Cocción
12:30 h   Meritxell Neddermann
13:30 h   Anna Rossi
14:30 h   Anaïs Vila
16:30 h   CARLA
17:30 h   Mar Pujol
18:30 h   Eva Verde y Danilo Tarso
19:30 h   Raquel Lúa
Sala de Básculas
19:00 h   DJ Trapella

12:00 h   Adrià Salas / La Pegatina
12:30 h   Triquell
13:00 h   Guillem Gisbert / Meritxell Neddermann
13:30 h   Els Amics de les Arts
14:00 h   Ariox
14:30 h   Figa Flawas
15:00 h   Scorpio / Anaïs Vila
16:00 h   Riders Of The Canyon
17:00 h   Xarim Aresté / CARLA
17:30 h   Lildami
18:00 h   31 FAM / Mar Pujol
18:30 h   La Fúmiga
19:00 h   Km. 0 / Eva Verde y Danilo Tarso
19.30 h   Flashy Ice Cream
20.00 h   Dani6ix y IZZKID / Raquel Lúa