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The Barcelona Zoo Foundation and Damm come together to promote conservation projects for endangered species

The Barcelona Zoo Foundation and Damm come together to promote conservation projects for endangered species

• As a show of their committment to protecting local wildlife, in 2021 Damm joined the "ferreret" conservation and protection project. The ferreret is a species of amphibian that is endangered, and inhabits the Mallorcan highlands of Tramuntana

Barcelona, 17 May 2022 - The Barcelona Zoo Foundation and Damm have signed a cooperation agreement for the purpose of boosting, promoting, and participating jointly in actions that encourage the protection of biodiversity, and particularly, the endemic wildlife of the areas where the company operates.

The collaboration with the Barcelona Zoo Foundation, and entity that promotes the conservation of biodiversity, the generation of knowledge and raising awareness with regard to protection and conservation of ecosystems, will allow Damm to reinforce their sustainability strategy, in which protecting biological diversity plays a key role.

The committment to caring for the environment has been part of Damm's identity from the very beginning, where reducing environmental impact, fighting gainst climate change, and protecting biodiversity are key parts of the company's strategy. Aware of the need to broaden the areas in which the company plays an active role, and the impact with regard to sustainability and committment to the environment, the organization has developed a series of proposals that favor biodiversity. All these actions have been collected in Damm's biodiversity plan, a project that gathers the efforts by the company's sustainability committee, created in 2020 for the purpose of further boosting the brewer's committment to responsibility and sustainability, and also proposes new avenues for acting, which are focused on protecting biological diversity.

United for the protection of local plant and wildlife

Within the framework of its committment to the protection of biodiversity and achieving the Sustainable Development Objectices on the 2030 agenda, Damm has participated in distinguished initiatives that promote the conservation of endangered species. An example of this is the protection project involving one of the most emblematic species of Mallorca, the "ferreret". Damm, through its Mallorcan mineral water brand, Font major, joined efforts with the Environmental and Territorial Department of the Government of the Balearic Islands and the Barcleona Zoo, in order to promote a protection initiative for this endagered endemic species of amphibian, whose natural habitat are the natural pools of the Tarmuntana highlands.

Thanks to the protection projects carried out, the poulation of a species that came to be considered extinct, and of which there was only a fossil record, was stabilized. The last annual count of the "ferreret" concluded with a number greater to that of the two previous years, and the population is demonstrating an upward trend with variations due to meteorological factors or to the presence of predators, among others.

Likewise, within the framework of the company's volunteer plan, reforestation actions have been encouraged in various areas of Murcia and El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona) and, coinciding with World Beach Day, Damm employees participated in a trash-collection campaign on beaches, which was promoted by the company.