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Damm, first company to achieve EsAgua Platinum status for sustainable water management

Damm, first company to achieve EsAgua Platinum status for sustainable water management

• The brewery became an industry pioneer when it promoted the water footprint calculation • Under the motto "Measure, analyze and act", the company has successfully implemented a plan to reduce water consumption in factories, which has allowed it to reduce its water consumption by 36% since 2008

Barcelona, March 21, 2021.- Damm, a company that adheres to the United Nations World Pact, and is firmly committed to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives, has become thefirst company to earn Platinum rank, as awarded by the EsAgua network. Cetaqua, Water Footprint Network and DNV recognised the company for its excellence and commitment to the responsible use of water in its operations.

Damm has achieved this important environmental milestone as part of its commitment to the EsAgua network, an alliance of companies committed to the sustainable use of water and the water footprint. The Platinum category is the highest recognition given to the organisation's participating companies and is awarded to those companies that have developed actions and implemented measures focused on reducing their environmental impact. 

The committment to caring for the environment has been a part of Damm's identity since the very beginning, along with reducing environmental impact, the struggle against climate change, and protecting biodiversity, being key elements in the company's strategy. "Based on the motto "Measure, analyze and act", the company has launched multiple projects for environmental improvement and the reduction of water use in all manufacturing processes", said Juan Antonio López Abadía, Energy Optmiization and Environment Department Director at Damm. These initiatives have led the company to reduce the rate of water consumption at its factories since 36 by 2008% Furthermore, the brewery was a pioneer within the industry by introducing the calculation of the water footprint and of each product unit in order to control and reduce its own environmental impact.

Reduction of water consumption throughout the chain

Damm has promoted a transversal environmental management system with actions aimed at reducing its environmental impact. In the current context of climate emergency and water scarcity, optimising water consumption throughout its value chain has become a priority.

The company promotes the detailed quantification of water use at its16 production and packaging plants throughout the Iberian peninsula, and the water footprint of its value chain by means of Water footprint environmental indicators (Water Footprint Network methodology) and the Water Footprint (ISO methodology 14046). Additionally, Damm is also a member of Comunitat d'Usuaris d'Aigües de la Vall Baixa i Delta del Llobregat (CUADLL), whose purpose it is to achieve a sustainable exploitation of water reserves stored in the deep aquifer of the Llobreget river, and boost the implementation of new water saving, rationing, and use mechanisms among user entities.

In addition to the projects developed in the factories, Damm's teams advise farmers on how to optimise their crops' water consumption. In this sense, the company works on the digitalization of cultivation processes which among other things allows it to measure and reduce water consumption in barley production fields, which account for 95% of a brewery's water footprint.

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