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Estrella Damm makes a great leap forward in amateur padel sponsorship

Foto acuerdo SNP, Estrella Damm y WPT - De izquierda a derecha: Jofre Riera, director de Patrocinios de Damm; Paco Gámez, presidente de las Series Nacionales de Pádel, y Mario Hernando, director general de World Padel Tour.

The beer brand will sponsor Spain’s Series Nacionales de Pádel for the next six seasons
The World Padel Tour joins the project of bringing the professional circuit closer to amateur padel

Barcelona, 17th of October 2018. The Series Nacionales de Pádel and Estrella Damm today announced the brand's sponsorship agreement with Spain’s most important amateur team padel competition for the next six seasons. This sponsorship agreement reinforces Estrella Damm’s commitment to sport and, in particular, to padel, a sport which the brand has supported for over 20 years.

The agreement makes the beer brand the main sponsor of the competition, which will now be known as the Series Nacionales de Pádel Estrella Damm. Estrella Damm will also be the Official Beer of the Series Nacionales de Pádel.

One of the main pillars of this project is to improve the links between amateur and professional padel
. In recent years, padel in Spain has grown enormously, both in the number of fans and the number of players. The agreement between the Series Nacionales de Pádel and Estrella Damm will allow the World Padel Tour (WPT), the international professional circuit for the world’s best players, to get closer to padel fans in order to strengthen the links between professional padel and amateur players.

Everyone involved is very satisfied with the agreement. Paco Gámez, President of the Series Nacionales de Pádel, declared that "this agreement with Estrella Damm, the benchmark brand in the world of padel, will undoubtedly represent a leap in quality for the organisation and will have a very positive impact on clubs and players of the Series Nacionales de Pádel". Gámez also asserted that the partnership with the WPT would lead to "a much more direct link between amateur and professional padel".

Jofre Riera, Damm Sponsorship Manager, is very positive about the partnership: "Padel is a sport with which Estrella Damm shares many values, such as effort, friendship and sharing leisure time with friends. Collaborating with the Series Nacionales de Pádel represents a very important step forward in Estrella Damm's support for padel, as it will allow us to reinforce the brand’s links with amateur padel and to bring us closer to those who play the game".

Mario Hernando, CEO of the World Padel Tour, stated that the agreement "will bring the WPT even closer to all padel players" and that it "will allow the WPT to contribute our experience to the world of amateur padel". Hernando is confident that "the alliance will strengthen our sport".

The Series Nacionales de Pádel
Now in its fifth season, the Series Nacionales de Pádel is the largest team padel competition in the world, with more than 50,000 players and more than 550 clubs throughout Spain. The philosophy has always been to promote the development of amateur padel and has led to the creation of a competition with an important social side and an organisation based on experience, professionalism and innovation.

Estrella Damm and padel
The link between Estrella Damm and sport dates back to the company's beginnings in 1876. Since then, the brand has been closely connected to sport in many ways, working with many national and international sports entities and events. After the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, Damm decided to support padel, recognising its great potential at a time when it was still a minority sport, at first at amateur level, with the creation of the Circuito de Pádel Estrella Damm and the Club de Pádel Damm and then making the leap to professional padel by sponsoring the World Padel Tour.

The World Padel Tour
The World Padel Tour is the world's leading professional padel circuit. It brings together the top-ranking men and women players and has its focal point in Spain, where 13 of the 15 tournaments in the calendar are played.