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Estrella Damm removes the decorated shrink wrap from its beer packs

Estrella Damm removes the decorated shrink wrap from its beer packs

The new packaging is made of carton sourced from sustainable forests and will entail a plastic reduction of 99 tonnes per year

As of today, Estrella Damm's can packs do not include the decorated shrink plastic wrap that used to surround them anymore. Instead, it has been replaced with a carton packaging sourced from sustainably managed forests. This project will entail a 99-tonne plastic reduction per year, thus joining other brand initiatives aimed to create a greener and more sustainable packaging.

This way, Estrella Damm completely removes decorated shrink wraps from its 6, 12 and 24 can packs. The new packaging is made from natural PEFC-certified natural fibers and its design includes rounded corners and several opening options, which makes it more user-friendly.

Last year, the company replaced its plastic pack rings with 100% biodegradable carton rings, which lead to a 260-tonne plastic waste reduction. With this initiative, that reduction will be increased by 99 additional tonnes per year. To sum up, these two efforts will help Estrella Damm achieve a 359-tonne plastic reduction every year. According to WWF, plastic represents 95% of floating debris in the Mediterranean Sea. This has become an issue of great relevance, as the situation is accelerated by the semi-enclosed configuration of this sea. In fact, the Mediterranean Sea represents 1% of the global ocean surface and accumulates 7% of the world's microplastic debris.

A more sustainable packaging already available at the different points of sale that reinforces Estrella Damm's commitment to the environment.

A firm commitment to sustainable development

The company's effort to eliminate decorated shrink wraps and plastic rings is now part of the sustainability initiatives Estrella Damm has been implementing for several years now in order to reduce its environmental impact.

To promote can recycling, Estrella Damm has also installed 349 recycling points all along the Mediterranean coast. Besides, the brand feeds back into the supply chain 97% of the waste derived from its production plant, as well as 100% of the husk produced during the malt and rice cooking stage of the brewing process, which is then used to feed the cows living in numerous associated farms.

On the other side, the brand is focused on promoting energy and water efficiency within its facilities, where 100% of the electric power comes from certified green electricity. As a result, the company has reduced its CO2 emissions by 23,000 tonnes per year. It should also be noted that the brand's water consumption has been reduced by 34% over the past decade.

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