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Forty chefs star in the last Estrella Damm campaign

Forty chefs star in the last Estrella Damm campaign

Chefs campaign wants to transmit the sector members' commitment to keep doing things the way they always have in order to continue being the most recognized gastronomy worldwide.

For this campaign, the brand has collaborated with some of its most famous clients, such as the Roca brothers, Ferran Adrià, Dabiz Muñoz or Maca de Castro, to name a few.

Barcelona, 28 February 2021.- The beer industry and the whole gastronomy sector have had to face some difficult times recently. That is why Estrella Damm launched Chefs, a campaign where the brand and 42 of its most famous clients represent the whole gastronomy sector to show their commitment to keep working as hard as they always have, rooting for premium quality results, using the best ingredients and local products, taking care of every detail, innovating and putting love in what they do. A clear declaration of intent to continue being the world's best gastronomy.

The Roca brothers, Ferran Adrià, Dabiz Muñoz, Maca de Castro, Nandu Jubany, Carme Ruscalleda, Paolo Casagrande, Rodrigo de la Calle, Adrián Quetglas, Fina Puigdevall and her daughter Martina are just a few of the well-known faces appearing in Chefs who were willing to represent our gastronomy under the guidance of Alberto Rodríguez (film director) and Oriol Villar (creative director).

Chefs campaign video starts at elBulli, a restaurant that is considered to be one of the icons of contemporary cuisine. That is the starting point of Ferran Adrià and Joan Roca's route through several Costa Brava paths. Up to 40 gastronomy experts join them as they walk to discuss the current situation and lay the foundations for the future: effort, dedication, excitement and innovation. Because, as Joan and Jordi Roca state at the end of Chefs, "this is not only what we do for a living. This is our way of life".

A shared commitment

Estrella Damm wants to join these professionals' commitment to always root for premium quality results, use the best ingredients and local products, take care of every detail, innovate and put love in everything we do.

We have been brewing our beer for over 140 years, following the original recipe from 1876. This recipe is the result of a combination of barley (malted in our own malting plant), Mediterranean rice and premium hop. 100% natural ingredients, without any additives or preservatives.

The quality of the ingredients and attention to detail shown throughout the whole Estrella Damm's brewing process are two of the company's hallmarks that have helped this beer become one of the world's most valued and recognized ones. The fact that Estrella Damm has recently obtained the highest score in taste at the last edition of the Superior Taste Awards for the sixth consecutive year is clear proof of that.

The Chefs Manifesto

We have taken the required measures,
and we have closed when we were asked to.

They say this is a moment of complete transformation
and that nothing will ever be the same.
That difficult times are coming.

Well, this is what we are going to do:
we are going to partner with the best manufacturers,
work relentlessly
and keep aiming for excellence
by meticulously taking care of every detail
with maximum professionalism and dedication.

We are going to research, innovate and create…

Filled with excitement and enthusiasm
and constructively criticizing ourselves.

Always looking for more…
and being humble.

To sum up, we will keep on working exactly the same way we always have.

We will keep on doing the same things that helped us become the world's most respected gastronomy.

Thus, we will still be able to open our home for you,
as well as your friends,
your colleagues
or your family.

To share, to enjoy, to discover…

To blow your mind.

To promote the wellbeing of your body
and your soul.

And we could not do it any other way.

Because this is not only what we do for a living…
This is our way of life.

Chefs stars

Ferran Adrià, elBullifoundation
Albert Adrià, Enigma
Miquel Aldana, Tresmacarrons
David Andrés, Via Veneto
Arnau Bosch, Can Bosch
Rubén Campos, Rincón de Diego
Álex Carrera, L'Aliança 1919 d'Anglès
Paolo Casagrande, Lasarte
Quim Casellas, Casamar
Jeroni Castell, Les Moles
Maca de Castro, Maca de Castro
Rodrigo de la Calle, El Invernadero Rodrigo de la Calle
Romain Fornell, Caelis
José Carlos Fuentes, El Club Allard
Marc Gascons, Els Tinars
Vicent Guimerà, L'Antic Molí
Silvia Hofmann, Grupo Hofmann
Nandu Jubany, Can Jubany
Ivan Margalef, L'Ó
Artur Martínez, Aürt 
Pere Massana, Massana
Hideki Matsuhisa, Koy Shunka
Paco Méndez, Hoja Santa
Josep Moreno, Deliranto
Dabiz Muñoz, DiverXO
Rafel Muria, Quatre Molins
Paco Pérez, Miramar
Fina Puigdevall, Les Cols
Martina Puigvert, Les Cols
Adrián Quetglas, Adrián Quetglas
Víctor Quintillà, Lluerna
Albert Raurich, dos palillos
Joan Roca, El Celler de Can Roca
Jordi Roca, El Celler de Can Roca
Josep Roca, El Celler de Can Roca
Oriol Rovira, Els Casals
Francesc Rovira, Fonda Xesc
Carme Ruscalleda, Cuina Estudi
Xavier Sagristà, Castell Peralada
Albert Sastregener, Bo.Tic
Víctor Torres, Les Magnòlies
Josep Xandri, Estany Clar

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