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Damm celebrates the first anniversary of its volunteering plan

Damm celebrates the first anniversary of its volunteering plan

Close to 2,500 people have participated in its initiatives, which have been carried out in cooperation with social, environmental, cultural, and sports entities

Damm celebrates the first anniversary of its #LIVE TO BE PART OF THE CHANGE volunteer plan, a program aimed at promoting solidarity between employees, as well as contributing to positive change in the environment.

During this past year, over 1,000 employees participated in the 20 activities carried out to help society, the environment, culture, and sports, in cooperation with 25 entities. Furthermore, several initiatives have been introduced to society, boasting the participation of over 1,500 people, totalling 2,500 people involved.

Among the initiatives carried out during the last year, those that stand out are the cleaning of the beach in several spots along the Catalan coastline, and in the region of Murcia, in which over 400 people have participated. Within the framework of Damm's bet on the preservation of biodiversity, several reforestation efforts have been carried out in areas of Murcia and Cataluña, which enjoyed the participation of over 200 volunteers. In addition, thanks to the collaboration with entities such as the Marine Anima Recovery Center, (CRAM in Spanish), or the Barcelona Zoo Foundation, many of those who form part of the company, have participated in the freeing of loggerhead turtles that were sponsored by Damm, or in the reintroduction of Toothcarp, a fish from Mediterranean waters themselves, which are in danger of extinction.

By being a part of the #LIVE TO BE PART OF THE CHANGE volunteering plan, participants have also been involved in projects aimed at contributing towards people's development and growth by means of social action, education, and solidarity. In this sense, over 250 employees in 2021 and 2022 joined the "Buscamos Reyes Majos" initiative, organized by the Miaportación initiative. The participation of over 340 people from the company in the last two editions of the Magic Line solidarity campaign, which is organized by the San Juan de Dios Social Work, and in which Damm promoted the Mediterranean route adding close to 1,400 participants, also stands out. Furthermore, several teams from Damm participated in the tenth and eleventh editions of the Oxfam Intermón Trailwalker, which raised a total of 10,000 euros to improve access to clean drinking water in Africa and Latin America.