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Damm consolidates itself as the brewery with the largest extension of photovoltaic panels in the Iberian Peninsula

Damm consolidates itself as the brewery with the largest extension of photovoltaic panels in the Iberian Peninsula

With the expansion of the photovoltaic installations at several of its plants the company already has a total of 32,182 m2 of solar panels with the capacity to produce 7.1 GWh each year

Damm has increased its energy self-consumption capabilities by expanding the photovoltaic infrastructure at several of its plants. As such, the company led by Demetrio Carceller Arce has reached 32,182 m2 of installed photovoltaic panels, becoming the largest brewery group user, from the Iberian Peninsula, of self-generated solar power.

The expansion of the photovoltaic facilities at several of its centers allows the company to self-generate 7.1 GWh of clean energy per year. Furthermore, Damm is willing to expand its photovoltaic park by launching a second phase of the photovoltaic infrastructure expansion plan at several of the company's centers. The new project, funded with an investment of 3.6 million Euros, provides for the installation of 23,500 m2 of solar panels at the El Prat de Llobregat, la Moravia, Murcia, Málaga, and ZAL de Barcelona factories during the upcoming year.        

Damm is fully committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Objectives set out in the 2030 Agenda. The company promotes the efficient use of resources and energy, always betting on driving projects that allow for the reduction of environmental impact. In this sense, over the last few years, Damm has bet on an energy model that promotes energy self-sufficiency, thanks to which it already produces 60% of the electric energy it consumes in its activities, and it supplies itself exclusively from certified green energy sources. This has allowed the company to reduce its external dependence as well as save money.           

"Being able to successfully make the energy transition to more sustainable models is a priority for Damm. As such, we have been working on evolving our sources of energy to more renewable ones for decades, so we may minimize our environmental footprint, while also being able to generate clean energy for self-consumption", said Juan Antonio López Abadía, Energy Optimization and Environment Director at Damm. To which he added: "Our commitment to the environment has allowed us to be the brewery with the most extensive array of photovoltaic panels and greatest energy independence on the Iberian Peninsula.

Damm and its bet on efficient, renewable energy        

Sustainability has always been one of the cornerstones of Damm's operations since its very beginnings. To reduce the consumption of natural resources at its factories, and increase energy efficiency, the company has also bet on the use of other renewable energy sources within its production processes by means of cogeneration and trigeneration using biogas.           

The measures taken over the last few years for the purpose of becoming an energy-efficient company have allowed Damm to reduce the amount of energy it uses in the production of every hectoliter of beer by 45% over the last decade. Furthermore, among the latest milestones achieved regarding sustainability, the company highlights its adherence to the RE100, the global initiative led by Climate Group and associated with CDP, which demonstrates the commitment of the leading companies of the world to the use of 100% renewable energy. In April 2022, Damm became the first brewery in Spain to obtain the RE100 certificate.