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Damm once again sets up can compactors along the Mediterranean coastline in order to promote recycling

Damm once again sets up can compactors along the Mediterranean coastline in order to promote recycling

Just in time for summer, the brewery once again launches this campaign, with which it has managed to recycle 29 tons of cans during the last five years

Recycling is an essential part of the transition towards a circular economy, but real and sustainable change can only be achieved through a successful collaboration between industry and the citizenry. Aimed at continuing to promote recycling as an essential tool used to revalue waste, Damm launched its can recycling campaign on the beaches for another year. The company has set up close to 400 can compactors along the beaches of over 61 municipalities along the Mediterranean coastline for the purpose of guaranteeing proper segregation of recovered aluminium, to be subsequently recycled and reused.

In 1994, Damm promoted a pioneer initiative in this sector with a fundamental objective: raise awareness and educate the citizenry on the importance of recycling aluminium cans. 29 years later, thanks to the setting up of can compactors close to beach areas, Damm continues to provide the citizenry with a simple and efective system for recycling used cans. This allows for more than half a million cans to be recycled every summer. During the last five years alone it has made it possible to recycle 29 tons of aluminium cans.

Each compactor can take 2,000 aluminum cans, which are accumulated in sacks that allow for easy transfer to the recycling plant. Once at the recycling plant, the aluminum the cans are made of, which is 100% recyclable, is cleaned and melted, creating new aluminum sheets suitable for a new use, thus closing the material's circular cycle. Thanks to this process, the large number of cans that is recycled annually helps counter the pollution generated by a functioning exhaust pipe on a vehicle for almost 14,000 hours.

"As a company that adheres to the United Nations World Pact, we work towards the fulfilment of ODS 12, in order to promote sustainable consumption and production models through projects that encourage the reduction, recycling and reuse of raw materials. We are extremely proud to see that our annual recycling campaign continues to grow year over year and that more and more people adopt the simple practice of recycling. Every little gesture counts and together we can make a difference in terms of building a more sustainable future", said Juan Antonio López Abadía, Energy Optimisation and Environment Director at Damm.