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Damm wins the Cegos 2023 award for its colabration with Grupo Social CARES

Damm wins the Cegos 2023 award for its collaboration with Grupo Social CARES

This alliance has benefited 376 people at risk of social exclusion and with different capabilities since 1999

Damm has won the Cegos with Equipos&Talento 2023 award in the Talent Attraction and Integration category for its collaboration with Grupo Social CARES, an initiative launched in 1999 to generate and promote employment opportunities for people with different capabilities and at risk of social exclusion. This award recognizes the effort made by the company in terms of introducing HR best practices into its teams and collaborating with regard to the creation of a more inclusive and diverse society.    

Since its inception, Damm has maintained a firm commitment to society and every person that is a part of it. The company's willingness to contribute towards society's positive development materializes through initiatives such as the alliance with Grupo Social CARES; a project that has been ongoing for over 20 years, and whose objective it is to improve the lives, self-esteem, and income of beneficiaries in order to contribute to their financial independence, their personal fulfillment, and the improvement of their quality of life.    

Thanks to this project, a total of 118 people are currently developing their professional careers at different departments in Damm, having benefited 376 people through this alliance since its launch. Furthermore, thanks to the online mentoring initiative that was incorporated into the project in 2021, up to 5 training courses have been implemented in terms of seeking employment for young students at risk of social exclusion, by granting them the necessary tools for their professional development and to facilitate their insertion process into the labor market.

The collaboration between Damm and Grupo Social CARES was born from a very particular need, and has expanded in hand with the company's growth over the last few years. The company shares the commitment to encouraging the personal and professional development of the initiative's beneficiaries with Grupo Social CARES, as well as that of supporting them with regards to improving their autonomy and making them feel part of a project aimed at avoiding situations of social exclusion. In this sense, both entities continuously explore collaboration possibilities to cover the needs that may arise from future projects.