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Estrella de Levante launches its easy-open 25cl bottle

Estrella de Levante launches its easy-open 25cl bottle

This new format, which doesn't require a bottle opener, is now available in grocery and convenience stores as six-packs.

Estrella de Levante launched a new retail glass bottle this week. The Murcian brewery has made the new 20 cl bottle, the traditional quinto, available in an easy-open format that does not require a bottle-opener.

It adds a new bottle size that joins traditional Estrella de Levante retail glass products such as 1-litre, thirds and quarters. "We have been working to make this format comply with expectations and make enjoying our beer easier, especially during the summer months", said Pedro Marín, Estrella de Levante CEO.

For Pedro Marín, "it's about meeting our customer's demands". The CEO explained that "during the next few weeks, the new format will be gradually introduced into retail stores."

The new format will be sold in six-packs: "We hope this will be to our faithful customers' liking, and that we can continue to offer improvements and new developments in the future", he said.

 Estrella de Levante lanza la botella de quinto con abrefácil