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IE University and the Damm Foundation facilitate access to education for talented youths from across the globe

IE University and the Damm Foundation facilitate access to education for talented youths from across the globe

Both entities have signed a 10-year agreement to promote diversity in IE University’s programs through scholarships

IE University, through the IE Foundation and the Damm Foundation, announced today that they will work together to promote social impact through education. Diego del Alcázar Silvela, founder and President of IE University, along with Demetrio Carceller Arce, CEO of Damm and President of the Damm Foundation, have signed a 10-year agreement to promote diversity throughout the institution's programs. With backing from the Damm Foundation, the IE Foundation will manage scholarship programs aimed at helping youths from around the world with extraordinary qualifications to gain access to IE University programs, in order to contribute towards building a more prosperous and equitable society.

As an acknowledgment of this work, the Damm Foundation will have a "Damm Classroom" at the IE Tower, the new technological and sustainable IE University campus in Madrid. Furthermore, as part of this agreement, Damm will participate in social impact activities, share its strategic vision, become involved in featured events, and reinforce its network with the research faculty, and the institution's students and alumni, a platform of over 80,000 directors in 180 countries. This project reinforces the Damm Foundation's mission to promote talent in education, culture, and sport.

"In 1876, our founders took a risk by leaving their native Alsacia to brew beer in the Mediterranean. They were great entrepreneurs who were wise enough to surround themselves with experts, in order to train apprentices and offer a quality product. This dynamic forms part of the Damm DNA and is alive and well today as part of corporate social responsibility. As such, this academic-corporate agreement is essential: because it allows us to anticipate what is to come with new, sustainable approaches that benefit society, and because the fact that IE University is celebrating "The Next 50", by looking towards the future, towards the next 50 years, and that Damm is close to celebrating it's one hundred and fiftieth anniversary, gives this collaboration greater consistency", said Demetrio Carceller Arce, Damm CEO and President of the Damm Foundation.

"It is a privilege for the IE Foundation to work with the Damm Foundation in promoting access to education. The collaboration and commitment between the corporate world and academic institutions is an essential aspect required for offering opportunities to talented youths, who through education can become agents of change in the pursuit of economic progress and a more fair and sustainable society. We thank the Damm Foundation for its clear commitment to the development of talent", said Gonzalo Garland, Executive VP of the IE Foundation.