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Estrella Damm, gold medal at the International Brewing Awards

Estrella Damm, gold medal at the International Brewing Awards.

This award joins the 56 prizes the brand has won internationally

Estrella Damm, the Mediterranean beer brewed with 100 % natural ingredients, has won a Gold Medal at the latest edition of the International Brewing Awards, considered to be the equivalent of the Oscars of the brewing industry.

A jury comprised of brewing industry professionals from across the globe has honoured Estrella Damm with the award for best 5 and 5,4% alcohol volume lager in the world. They have judged it to be a smooth beer with hints of cereal, and a balanced hoppy body that grants it just the right amount of bitterness.

Considered to be the oldest brewing competition in history, it's first edition dates back to 1888, the International Brewing Awards distinguish themselves for awarding only three prizes per category: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. A total of nine categories encompass close to 33 styles of beer.

Beer from all over the world is presented year after year at the awards. The competition also stands out because of its focus when evaluating products: the members of the jury taste the samples blindly, which are rigorously served following their brewers' instructions.

This Gold Medal joins the 56 prizes that international entities and institutions have awarded Estrella Damm during the brand's 145 years on the market. Years during which the brand has consistently been brewed following the original recipe from 1876, a combination of barley malt, rice, and hops that is free from additives and preservatives.

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