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Sant Jordi Musical, the most rhythmic recommendation for enjoying the Diada, returns to the Estrella Damm Old Brewery

Sant Jordi Musical, the most rhythmic recommendation for enjoying the Diada, returns to the Estrella Damm Old Brewery

Nine hours of uninterrupted music, with performances by Els Catarres, Gertrudis, 31 FAM, Triquell, Roba Estesa, Socunbohemio, Sergi Carbonell, Koers, Siderland and Grauwi + Marta Cascales, among others, who will fill the old brewery with rhythm

April 23 is coming up and the Estrella Damm Old Brewery in Barcelona is already getting warmed up for the upcoming celebration of the new edition of the Sant Jordi Musical, the most rhythmic event of the Diada, where the greatest performers from the Catalan music scene will appear. The gastronomic offering from local food trucks, as well as a book, vinyl, rose and handcraft market, with a Sant Jordi theme, the latter serving as a charitable initiative, will complete the event. This latest edition promises to be a memorable one.

Up to 22 artists and bands will perform live, from eleven in the morning until ten in the evening, across all three stages at 515 calle Rosselló in Barcelona. Els Catarres, Gertrudis, 31 FAM, Roba Estesa, Sergi Carbonell, Koers, Siderland and Grauwi + Marta Cascales will be some of the stars of the Sant Jordi Musical hosted by Estrella Damm this year. This must-see event on Sant Jordi day will also be an excellent opportunity for attendees to hear Triquell's, finalist of the "Euforia" musical contest, new songs live. The artist recently dropped their new album "Entre fluids". Socunbohemio, who last March debuted his new album "Conges de les Quatre Estacions", will also perform new singles.

Over nine hours of uninterrupted music along with album signings by the artists and bands that are set to perform, as well as others who will be in attendance simply to sign their work, such as La Pegatina, Selva Nua, Pau Brugada, La Marta Rius o Júlia Blum, among others.

The gastronomic offering will be another key selling point of the Sant Jordi Musical. All who visit the Old Brewery will find a wide variety of gastronomic options, including vegetarian and gluten-free choices, ideal to accompany any of Damm's beers. They will be able to savour breaded meat cutlets by Chalito, the Mexican cuisine of Corazón de Ágave, sandwiches by the author of El Mercader, Fileteando hamburgers, sweet and salty crepes by Maria una Crep, or fresh, breaded hake with smoked tempura and french fries from The Fish&Chips Shop.

Books will also be present, one of the greatest attractions of the Sant Jordi Diada. For this reason, a book and vinyl market, the latter will be second-hand, will be run by Quarentena Ediciones and El Tocadiscos.

Furthermore, social entities such as the Fundació Amics de la Gent Gran, Associació Diversitat Funcional d'Osona (ADFO), Associació SaóPrat, Fundació Finestrelles, Fundació Portolà, Fundació Roure, Fundació Rubricatus and Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Barcelona, will be represented at the Estrella Damm Old Brewery through the sale of roses, both natural and hand-crafted, as well as other Sant Jordi-themed items. All proceeds will be donated to the Reacciona ante la Crisis, Red Cross Plan, to meet the growing needs of vulnerable groups and those in sustained poverty, because of the ever-increasing cost of basic goods and services.
Damm has also organised a book collection among company employees within the framework of the Recicla Cultura campaign, which has been driven by the Fundació Servei Solidari, and whose proceeds will be donated to literacy programs for people at risk of social exclusion.

Admission to the Sant Jordi Musical at the Estrella Damm Old Brewery is free. Given the fact that it is a closed venue, access with be limited until capacity is reached.

For additional information visit

Sunday 23 April, 11:00 to 22:00
Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm (Rosselló 515, 08025 Barcelona)


Moll d’envasat
12:00 h Triquell
13:00 Els Catarres
14:00 h Siderland
15:00 h Roba Estesa
17:00 h Koers
18:00 h 31 FAM
19:00 h Gertrudis
20:00 h Mr. Dynamite The James Brown Experience Sala de Màquines
12:30 h Koko Jean & The Tonics
13:30 h Selvanua
14:30 h The Sick Boys
16:30 h Pol Batlle
17:30 h Socunbohemio
18:00 h Azul
19:30 h Sergi Carbonell

Sala de Cocció
12:30 h Pau Brugada
13:30 h La Marta Rius
14:30 h Grauwi + Marta Cascales
16:30 h Júlia Blum
17:30 h Carla
18:00 h Maria Florit
19:30 h Sara Terraza

12:30 h Triquell
13:00 h La Pegatina, Koko Jean & The Tonics y Pau Brugada
13:30 Els Catarres
14:00 h Selva Nua y La Marta Rius
14:30 h Siderland
15:00 h The Sick Boys y Grauwi + Marta Cascales
16:30 h Iseo y Roba Estesa
17:00 h Pol Batlle y Júlia Blum
17:30 h Koers
18:00 h Socunbohemio y Carla
18:30 31FAM
19:00 h Azul y Maria Florit
19.30 h Gertrudis
20.00 h Sergi Carbonell y Sara Terraza