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Alfil Logistics and Estrella de Levante launch their first electric, "emission-free" trucks

Alfil Logistics and Estrella de Levante launch their first electric, "emission-free" trucks

The launch of the two electric vehicles will mean a reduction of 170 tons from the company's carbon footprint every year

Alfil Logistics and Estrella de Levante have debuted their first two electric, "zero-emission" trucks, which will cover the route from the Espinardo packaging plant and the new Southeast Logistical Centre in Alcantarilla (Murcia).

The two long-haul, heavy transport trucks from Volvo, operated in conjunction with Murcian transport company Disfrimur, are state-of-the-art, 100% electric, and shine a spotlight on Alfil Logistic's efforts to implement a more sustainable transport system that respects the environment. Both vehicles are equipped with automated loading and unloading features and will allow for a reduction of up to 170,000 kg. of CO2 emissions.

During the first few days, between 12 and 16 test drives have been performed. This is expected to improve once the battery chargers are installed at the logistical centre. According to Pedro Marín, CEO of Estrella de Levante, "If the test works correctly, the new Zero-Emission transport system will be expanded to the entire fleet that carries out this service. Batteries will be charged using solar panels that will be installed on the vehicles' roofs."

One of the pillars on which Estrella de Levante supports its commitment to sustainability is ecoefficiency. Marín emphasizes that "our aim is to produce the same but to consume fewer natural resources and generate less emissions and waste while doing so."

The new fleet will be launched following three months of work at the Southeast Logistical Centre, a complex that was inaugurated by Alfil Logistics and Estrella de Levante last March, whose sustainable construction was certified with the international Breeam seal. This recognition highlights the measures for water and energy consumption reduction that have been put in place during the construction of the centre.