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The CRAM Foundation and Damm release the "Inedit" sea turtle on the beach of El Prat de Llobregat

The CRAM Foundation and Damm release the "Inedit" sea turtle on the beach of El Prat de Llobregat

Damm and the CRAM Foundation have renewed their collaboration agreement to continue working together recover and reintroduce the sea turtles cared for by the CRAM Foundation

As part of its commitment to promote the care of our seas and oceans, Damm and the Foundation for the Conservation and Recovery of Marine Animals (CRAM), have released 'Inedit' the sea turtle on the beach of El Prat de Llobregat on World Oceans Day. The turtle, which was sponsored by Damm in April, managed to return to its natural habitat after successfully completing the recovery process at the Foundation's facilities.

This loggerhead turtle, one of the three species of sea turtle found in the Mediterranean, was accidentally captured by a fisherman on 4 April 2022 and subsequently transferred to the facilities of the CRAM Recovery Centre to recover from the injuries suffered. Thanks to Damm's sponsorship, the turtle received the necessary medical attention and treatment from the Foundation's professionals so that it could return to Mediterranean waters. After 2 months under the custody and care of the Foundation, "Inedit" has been able to return to its natural habitat and has successfully recovered.

Damm has been actively collaborating for more than 2 years with the CRAM Foundation, an organisation that has been promoting projects to assist marine species for 25 years. They also develop various lines of work in conservation, research, training and raising social awareness of the state of the marine environment and its problems. On World Oceans Day, Damm and the CRAM Foundation renewed their collaboration agreement to continue contributing jointly to the recovery and reintroduction of the sea turtles they care for.

"Since we started 25 years ago, we have had a clear mission: to protect marine biodiversity from global threats through local action. Thanks to the joint work carried out by the professionals who work at the CRAM Foundation, the volunteers and the companies and institutions that collaborate in the project, we have managed to rescue and return more than 800 turtles to their natural environment, care for more than 350 dolphins and develop more than 50 scientific and conservation projects", said Montse Pal, head of communications and fundraising at the CRAM Foundation.

Caring for the environment has been part of Damm's identity since its origins. Aware of the need to broaden its scope of action and impact in this area, the organisation has developed a series of proposals that promote biodiversity, including a project for the conservation of the loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta), a species that is highly vulnerable to humanity. By-catch, climate change and human pressure on their environment are just some of the threats to their survival in our seas and oceans. All species play a role in the health of the marine environment, balancing the populations of species on which they feed, such as jellyfish and molluscs in the case of the sea turtle.

The collaboration agreement with the CRAM Foundation to recover and reintroduce this species of turtle - nowadays considered vulnerable on a global scale according to the IUCN red list - into its natural habitat is also part of the #LIVE TO BE PART OF THE CHANGE volunteering plan developed by Damm. Through this project, Damm employees and collaborators participate throughout the year in various activities to support the CRAM Foundation, such as awareness-raising workshops on the problems facing our seas and campaigns to clean up litter on beaches.