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Damm invests more than 63 million Euros in its El Prat production plant to expand its production capacity by 45%

Damm invests more than 63 million Euros in its El Prat production plant to expand its production capacity by 45%.

Damm's El Prat de Llobregat production plant increases its production capacity from 5.3MHl to 7.2MHl per year

Damm, one of the leaders in the food and beverage sector with a presence in catering, logistics and distribution, has expanded the Damm production plant in El Prat de Llobregat, which started in 2017 as part of its industrial plan 2017-2020. This last phase of the project has involved a total investment of 63.38 million Euros and has enabled Damm to increase the plant's production capacity by 45%.

Damm has added 37 fermentation and beer storage tanks to the 83 that the El Prat production plant already had as part of this investment, as well as incorporating a new brewing line and new raw material silos among other things. This helps to consolidate the brewery's national and international growth by continuously adaptating to the new demands of the market.

Furthermore, in its ongoing commitment to sustainability, the company has earmarked 10% to improve the factory's energy efficiency. Damm has installed a new CO recovery plant at the El Prat de Llobregat factory, which will reduce carbon emissions. In addition, the centre has strengthened its commitment to a circular economy and has increased its capacity to recover bagasse, a by-product from beer production that Damm uses for animal feed. Currently, the El Prat de Llobregat factory sends 100.000 tonnes of bagasse every year to farms for animal feed to return the cereal to the land and thus close the circle. The project has also enabled Damm to expand its green energy generation capacity, specifically biogas.


Damm's executive chairman visits the El Prat brewery

Reviewing the industrial expansion project, Demetrio Carceller Arce, executive president of Damm, visited the El Prat de Llobregat production plant last week, where he met with a representation of the team to thank them for their commitment, recognise the work carried out in recent months and highlight the key points that have positioned the factory among the most modern, efficient and sustainable in Europe.

"After its expansion, the Damm production plant in El Prat de Llobregat has consolidated its position as one of the most modern and sustainable beer production centres in Europe. This production plant is a source of pride and a guarantee for the future. This investment allows us to respond to the growth that our brands are registering both inside and outside our borders without neglecting our commitment to the environment. In addition to investing in the latest production technology, we have earmarked 10% of for plant improvements to further reduce the environmental impact of our activity," Carceller Arce said.

During his speech, the executive chairman also emphasised the importance of continuing to grow internationally: "We have all the ingredients to continue creating a brand in other countries; the Mediterranean, the flavour, the quality... these assets are ours and they are unique".

Logistics centre of reference in Southern Europe

In addition to the expansion of the El Prat production plant, in 2020, Damm also completed work on phase V of its Logistics Centre, located in the ZAL (Logistics Activities Zone) of Barcelona, a logistics hub of reference located between the port and the city's airport. This centre is a key part of the factory's supply and evacuation circuit, which is why all its operations are monitored in real time, guaranteeing the supply of materials and the evacuation of finished product from the factory, and the plant's maximum efficiency.

This project adds 35,000 m2 to the 100,000 m2 the Damm Logistics Centre, operated by Alfil Logistics already had.  The expansion allows Damm to efficiently supply its customers via different sales channels, taking into account the growing demand for different formats and new product launches, as well as consolidating itself as one of the most innovative logistics platforms in southern Europe.

In line with the company's commitment to the environment, phase V of the company's logistics centre also has 360 photovoltaic panels installed on its roof, as well as more than 350 skylights that make the most of natural light and reduce energy costs during the day.