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Damm launches its first Advent Calendar

Damm launches its first Advent Calendar

This first year 150 units have been put on sale and can be purchased through Damm's e-commerce site

On 1 December the countdown to Christmas officially begins and Damm wanted to make these days more fun and surprising with the launch of the first edition of the Advent Calendar.

The calendar is an interpretation made by the Barcelona illustrator PeBe Studio of the façade of the Estrella Damm Old Brewery, an emblematic building in the city of Barcelona dating from 1905 and where beer was brewed for more than 85 years. Behind its windows, there are 24 surprises to open, one by one, from 1 until 24 December, Christmas Eve. Among the gifts that can be found, there are guided tastings, cultural events and, of course, Damm beers -from the oldest to the most recent- which will delight those who open the windows.

This year only 150 units of the Damm Advent Calendar are available for sale, they can be purchased via for €75 including delivery.

The history of advent calendars

The advent calendar is a tradition that dates back to 19th century Germany, when families would draw 24 lines on the door or on the wall, and each day they would erase one line until Christmas Day. This tradition has subsequently spread to different countries until it has become an essential part of the holiday season.