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LAB1876 ends with two winning teams

LAB1876 ends with two winning teams

The open innovation programme aimed at the company's internal talent will allow the winners to develop their projects

The Estrella Damm Old Brewery hosted the grand finale of the second annual LAB1876, the open innovation programme aimed at the company's talent. After eight weeks of intense work to develop and determine the feasibility of the projects, the six finalist teams presented their conclusions and lessons learned to the Innovation Committee.

The project presented by the PSIL3NISTAS team was one of the projects chosen by the Innovation Committee as the winner of this edition of LAB1876. PSIL3NISTAS presented a project to optimise and speed up container loading. In addition, this team has been selected to go to Silicon Valley with Imagine, where they will have the opportunity to further develop their proposal together with innovation specialists.

The other winning team was PAB, with a project based on the automation of bar orders.

During the final, the proposals submitted by the other four finalist teams were also recognised. In addition, all teams that have reached the final have received a training certificate issued by SDLI and Imagine Creativity Center accrediting them as LAB1876 innovation agents.

LAB1876 is an initiative whose objective is to generate creative and disruptive solutions to respond to the company's challenges linked to sustainability, growth and efficiency. This year 25 teams made up of employees from different companies and areas of the company presented their ideas.