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"Let’s try together", the new Estrella Damm campaign

"Let’s try together", the new Estrella Damm campaign

The brand promotes sustainability as a way of life to be attracted to

Estrella Damm launches "Let’s try together", the new campaign with which it invites us once again to enjoy our Mediterranean lifestyle without setting aside the purpose behind its latest campaigns: to raise awareness of the need to protect the Mediterranean. A story starring Mario Casas, Mireia Oriol and Joan Amargós is presented in verse, as if it were a play, to show that culture is also fundamental to our way of life.

The cast of the new Estrella Damm campaign is completed by Laia Manzanares, Nao Albet, Pep Cruz, Mònica López, Tamara Ndong, Daniel Ibáñez and Rigoberta Bandini, who created "A ver qué pasa", the song that sets the rhythm of the piece and which is already available on the music platforms Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon Music and Google Play, among others. The singer, composer, writer and actor writes songs to celebrate life and talk about achievements and desires, about the smallness of the human being in the face of the immensity of the universe and about the simple things that provoke great feelings. Tracks like "Too many drugs" and "Perra" have managed to rock the charts in just two years.

Directed by Menorcan Ian Pons Jewell and with Oriol Villar as creative director, in "Let’s try together", the island of Menorca is once again the setting for Estrella Damm's new campaign; specifically the marvellous Cala en Turqueta and the Teatre Principal de Maó, one of the most historic opera houses in our country, with more than two centuries of tradition. In 2010 the Balearic island was the set of "San Juan", with the song Applejack by the Australians The Triangles, and in 2018 of "Cyrano", with Alberto Chicote, Anna Castillo and Oriol Pla.

Estrella Damm and its firm commitment to the protection of the Mediterranean

"Let’s try together" maintains the common thread of Estrella Damm's latest campaigns, where the ecological emergency to which the Mediterranean is exposed and our capacity to reverse the situation take centre stage, with the aim of giving visibility to this environmental problem and making society aware of the need to protect our seas. According to WWF data, plastic represents 95% of the waste floating in the Mediterranean Sea, so it is a priority to reverse it, especially if we take into account that the Mediterranean accumulates 1% of the world's water and 7% of global microplastics.

Estrella Damm's commitment to caring for the environment is part of its DNA. For this reason, in recent years it has carried out various projects to achieve more eco-sustainable packaging. Last year it eliminated plastic rings - replacing them with an innovative grouping format made from 100% biodegradable cardboard called LatCub - as well as the decorative plastics that enclosed its packs of cans - they are now covered with cardboard - which has allowed Estrella Damm to reduce its plastic by more than 359 tonnes of per year. All of Estrella Damm's paper and cardboard suppliers are PEFC and FSC certified, guaranteeing that they come from responsibly and sustainably managed forests, thus helping to combat climate change and protect biodiversity.

Last March, Estrella Damm cans were also the first in the world to achieve the ASI (Aluminium Stewardship Initiative) Performance Standard and Chain of Custody Standard certifications, which guarantee high environmental, ethical and social standards for the entire aluminium chain, from its production to the manufacture of the cans, brewing and recycling.

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