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The MACBA Foundation teaches an art course to the Damm team

The MACBA Foundation teaches an art course to the Damm team

The initiative, which started from the collaboration between the Dammm Foundation and the MACBA, was attended by more than 50 people

On 29 April, the MACBA Foundation, in collaboration with the Damm Foundation, taught a course entitled “Undoing clichés to enjoy contemporary art", which was held in a hybrid format -in person at the Estrella Damm Old Brewery and via streaming on Youtube.

The course was attended by Ramon Agenjo, patron-director of the Damm Foundation, and Àlex Galí, general coordinator of the Foundation, who welcomed the attendees and introduced Víctor Ramírez, doctor and professor of History at the University of Barcelona, who was in charge of teaching the course.

Ramírez offered an insight into the evolution of art since the beginning of the 20th century, helping to undo the clichés that accompany contemporary art, analysing how important historical events such as two world wars, the appearance of the mass consumer society and the social movements from the 60s onwards have influenced artists in the creation of their works.

Last March, the Damm and MACBA Foundations renewed their collaboration agreement for a further three years. The aim is to contribute to promoting the spread of contemporary art and culture, as well as enhancing the capacity to generate knowledge and sensitivity towards modern art.