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Estrella Damm and the CRAM Foundation organize a mass clean-up of the El Prat beach to celebrate World Beach Day

Estrella Damm and the CRAM Foundation organize a mass clean-up of the El Prat beach to celebrate World Beach Day

The event will be held on Saturday, September 16, and will end with an exclusive concert performed by Renaldo & Clara for all the volunteers that participate in the clean-up effort

A mass clean-up of the El Prat de Llobregat beach, followed by an exclusive concert from Renaldo & Clara for participating volunteers. That is what will comprise the second edition of "La Festa de la Platja"; how Estrella Damm and the CRAM Foundation will celebrate World Beach Day on Saturday, September 16, at 17:00 hrs.

The accumulation of waste on beaches is a significant threat to marine biodiversity and is also a hazard for society's wellbeing. With this event, the main purpose of which will be the clean-up of El Prat de Llobregat beach, Estrella Damm and the CRAM Foundation want to raise awareness among the populace with regard to the ecological emergency the Mediterranean is experiencing and the urgent need for protecting our seas and everything that surrounds them.

This initiative, which will include the participation of Damm volunteers and will be led by CRAM technicians, is aimed at cleaning up El Prat beach, a protected area due to its biological diversity. It will also showcase the work performed by the Marine Animal Recovery Centre, an entity that helps endangered marine species and reintroduces them into their natural habitat. Last year, close to 270 people came together on El Prat beach for the first edition of this collective clean-up, adding a festive touch to the important work being carried out.

"La Festa de la Platja" this year will culminate with a concert by Renaldo & Clara at the CRAM facility, an exclusive show for those volunteers that participated in the clean-up. The Lleidan group will perform the songs from their latest album, "La boca aigua", which debuted this spring and where we find every aspect of what has made Renaldo & Clara one of the most important Catalán groups: pop, imaginative changes that make their songs seem to have two simultaneous choruses, old-school hip-hop rhythms, fresh arrangements, and lyrics that tell of almost every stage of love.

Anyone who wishes to participate in "La Fiesta de la Playa" can sign up using the link provided by Estrella Damm. Limited seating available until the venue is full.

Free activity

Date:                    Saturday, September 16, 2023
Place:                   El Prat de Llobregat beach (boardwalk 13 across from CRAM)
Time:                    17:00 to 21:00
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